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Across Canada on two wheels

January 1st, 2013 | Posted by Dino in Canada - (0 Comments)

On Christmas Day 2010 my Dad gave me a gift that started my journey across Canada: a map.

I’d already thought about cycling across Canada – and made idle comments about my dream – but it wasn’t until I unwrapped that gift, unfolded it and traced my finger across the Trans Canada that the journey began.

So here I am – two Christmases later and yet I still haven’t really moved anywhere. I have, however, acquired an entire family of Ortlieb pannier bags and a custom-made Roberts touring bike.

The map now has tatty  scuffs where it bends.  I haven’t pedalled anywhere across Canada but have plotted a detailed route across that map. Now we have just turned the corner in 2013 and the start of my trip is on the horizon. I am planning on leaving at the end of May. It will take me 3 months (!) to cycle  the 7,500km  from Vancouver to St John’s.

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