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Fits like a glove

April 7th, 2013 | Posted by Dino in Canada | Uncategorized

“Do you do a discount for CTC members or people cycling across continents?” I ask as I put the gloves down on the countrer.

“Which continent are you cycling across?” The salesman enquiries and, suitably envious of my Canadian coast to coast, he gives me a 10% discount.

As my hands went numb last week I decided should investigate better gloves. So these are my delux new gloves.

Pearl Izumi elite gel gloves

Pearl Izumi elite gel gloves

Compared to the old gloves, there looks to be a lot more gel padding in these. The nerve that gets squished is the fleshy bit on the bottom corner furthest from any thumb or finger. I’ll let you know if these new mitts do the job and stop my hand going numb.

Lots more gel padding on the new ones, eh?

Lots more gel padding on the new ones, eh?

Do you have any experience or advice on numb hands from cycling? Please do get in touch.

Note for UK folks: I bought my gloves from the Trek shop iin MK. A very good store where the staff are always helpful (and – great rarity – not patronising to female cyclists!)

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