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June 5th, 2013 | Posted by Dino in Canada | Uncategorized

Day 5: Manning park to Princeton

Today I mostly whizzed downhill. There was one big uphill. lots of beautiful scenery etc…

But I’m guessing from the last 2 days of blogging that you’ve got the picture. So today instead of cycling you have a photo blog of “everything the hungry cyclis ate today.”

I calculated I will need to eat 4,500 calories on average per day while cycling. Here is what I managed today…

Breakfast: 1x fresh orange, some black coffee and peanut butter on a roll/one slice of ryvita

Snacks on the bike: 1 x banana, a few dried apricots, a handful of jellybeans

Lunch: avocado on 4 x slices of ryvita (which does taste like cardboard but does also travel well), 1x fresh tomato, 1x apple

Lunch dessert: a scoopful (or 4) of chocolate trail mix. Next best thing to peanut m&ms. Nom nom nom.

Post-bike refuel snack: blueberry muffin. Swallowed whole. Good for repairing muscles etc etc.

Dinner: noodles (with donated remnant of spring onion added) and 1 x local craft beer

Dessert: fresh strawberries

Plus loads of water cuz it was a hot day.

Whatcha reckon? Pretty tasty stuff, eh?

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