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Nosing into another cyclist’s pannier is pretty irresistible!
I’ve refined my kit list gradually over my tours and depends a bit on where I’m going and the weather I’ll expect. But the basics remain the same:

My gear: looks like a bomb went  off  inside Cotswold/MEC

My gear: looks like a bomb went off inside Cotswold/MEC

Do get in touch if you are a gear-geek and want to know more.

The Bike
Custom make Roberts Roughstuff bike (that’s the same as Josie Dew’s bike)
Butterfly handlebars
Disc brakes
Shimano XT components throughout
Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres – they are the best!
Tubus front and rear racks

My bike is called Monty

My bike is called Monty

Camping stuff
Hilliberg Akto tent (super-lightweight and strong – perfect for the solo traveller)
Rab sleeping bag and silk sleeping bag liner
1/2 thin camping mat (useful for my back stretching exercises)
Camp stove
2 x lighters & gas
Sea to Summit folding cup, folding bowl, titanium spork, scrubber and/or washing liquid
Leatherman knife
Emergency food (1 x dehydrated meal, a few energy bars)
3 x water bottles
Petzl headtorch
1 x lightsticks (in case of emergency)

Being an intrepid explorer I tested out my new tent in my parents back garden

Being an intrepid explorer I tested out my new tent in my parents back garden

Bike gear:
4 x Ortlieb classic pannier bags, 1 x Ortlieb bar bag, 1 x Ortlieb dry bag (used as tent bag
Bike tool kit & duk tape & cable ties & spare inner tube (x1)
Spare spokes
Cleaning stuff (rag, lube, toothbrush) – I only bother with this on trips longer than 2 weeks
Rear bike light
Bike lock (1 thick cable lock and one bendy cable to wrap around posts/tree trunks)

2 x Women’s cycling shorts
1 x Merino leggings
Waterproof trousers
1 x cycling jersey
Arm and leg warmers
Merino tshirt
2 x vest tops
Sports bra and undies
2 x merino socks
Tshirt for the evening
Old running shorts
Small pair of old shorts & blue vest top as Pjs
Trousers for when I’m off the bike
Longsleeve merino top
Paramo bodywarmer (that can be packed inside it’s own pocket – I really like this bit of kit)
Waterproof jacket (currently I use the innov women’s stormshell jacket which is great because it is so small and weighs almost nothing!)
Shimano cleated shoes
‘Barefoot’ shoes for wearing round the campsite
Buff, merino hat, cycling gloves,

Everything else:
Passport, money, phone etc etc
Phone, iPad, adaptor/chargers and spare battery pack
Travel towel
First aid kit (including lots of painkillers, antibiotics, savlon and other stuff I know how to use!)
Suncream and insect repellent
Bug net
Contact lenses + glasses
Toilettries + loo paper
Hot / cold patches for my dodgy back
Good book to read!