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Leg 2: the changing contours of my legs

July 1st, 2013 | Posted by Dino in Canada | Uncategorized

Leg 2: 2,500km to Winnipeg

Cycling across four provinces and two time zones, I have witnessed the gradual and remarkable transformation of the Canadian landscape. And as quiet as the changing seasons, as definite as the cycle of day to night, I have experienced the transformations of my own body.

The Hills of Oxfordshire legs

The Hills of Oxfordshire legs

The hills have become mountains.

The hills have become mountains.

The contours of my body are changing with the landscape of Canada. My legs look different. But more remarkably they feel different as through this journey I have discovered a new appreciation for the interior physicality of my body. The way it moves, aches, bleeds, itches, breathes, and rests.

My hamstrings tighten. My quads burn. My knee stabs. My feet itch from the mosquito bites. The skin of my shoulder is peeling from the southern sun as I head continually east. A single releasing droplet of sweat rolls down my spine. And I keep on cycling.

I have laid flat on the ground, my eyes dazzled by the sun and felt the hot beating of my heart against the tarmac. I have gasped for air against the ice cold shock water. Never before have I cared so much for my body. Never before have I loved it so much.

At the risk of sounding like an inane fridge magnet, I am beginning to appreciate that my body is not the vehicle, it is the journey.

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