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Food glorious food

June 5th, 2013 | Posted by Dino in Canada | Uncategorized - (1 Comments)

Day 5: Manning park to Princeton

Today I mostly whizzed downhill. There was one big uphill. lots of beautiful scenery etc…

But I’m guessing from the last 2 days of blogging that you’ve got the picture. So today instead of cycling you have a photo blog of “everything the hungry cyclis ate today.”

I calculated I will need to eat 4,500 calories on average per day while cycling. Here is what I managed today…

Breakfast: 1x fresh orange, some black coffee and peanut butter on a roll/one slice of ryvita

Snacks on the bike: 1 x banana, a few dried apricots, a handful of jellybeans

Lunch: avocado on 4 x slices of ryvita (which does taste like cardboard but does also travel well), 1x fresh tomato, 1x apple

Lunch dessert: a scoopful (or 4) of chocolate trail mix. Next best thing to peanut m&ms. Nom nom nom.

Post-bike refuel snack: blueberry muffin. Swallowed whole. Good for repairing muscles etc etc.

Dinner: noodles (with donated remnant of spring onion added) and 1 x local craft beer

Dessert: fresh strawberries

Plus loads of water cuz it was a hot day.

Whatcha reckon? Pretty tasty stuff, eh?

Sunshine and peanut butter

May 20th, 2013 | Posted by Dino in Canada - (1 Comments)

When you imagine living on a boat isn’t the sun always shining?

You picture chugging up and down the leafy waterways of timeless rural landscapes, waving your straw hat in greeting to passing boats, licking ice lollies and lolling on the desk applying sun cream every hour. Bliss.

Cycling across Canada will obviously be a lot like that. Just replace the ice lollies with a peanut butter and jam sandwich, the straw hat with a nodding bike helmet, and the leafy waterways with the Trans Canada Highway and that is exactly what I am expecting.

I have just checked the weather forecast for Vancouver. Next Monday the sun should be out to greet me as I pedal out the airport.

I can hardly believe that I am only 1 small week away from my trip. I’ve spent 8 years dreaming about this. 8 years! What were you doing 8 years ago? I was getting excited about going to Canada for the first time*: packing my bag, emailing friends in Canada, checking my passport for the third time that day to check it hadn’t magically expired since breakfast.

Algonquin park Summer 2005. This isn't instagrammed. It's just a photo taken on a film. Remember those?

Algonquin park Summer 2005. This isn’t instagrammed. It’s just a photo taken on a film. Remember those?

Peanut butter
So not much has changed in eight years then? Nope. I am still me: a Dino is search of adventure and on a mission to discover the land of my birth. Even though I rightly know from my Oxfordian vowels, my inability to ice skate smoothly and the fact that I say ‘alright’ rather than ‘for sure’ that, yes, I am a Brit. However, I do love a good peanut butter sandwich made with jam. I love a good adventure. And I love this sign post:

I took this photo along 8 years ago. Note: perfect blue sky.

I took this photo along 8 years ago. Note: perfect blue sky.

So next week I will adventure** in search of sunshine, peanut butter, and a piece of Canada all to myself.

*I’m not including “being born” in first time.
** ‘adventure’ can be a verb