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The Adventure Begins

May 27th, 2013 | Posted by Dino in Canada | Uncategorized

I thought I’d take the opportunity of Dino being up in the air for 10 hours or so to sneak in another guest blog post.

Arrival in Vancouver at 11:10 sounds quite civilised – until you factor in the 4 am alarm and the 8 hour time difference.

Our intrepGatwick Airport 0630id traveller looks surprisingly chipper and unstressed as she arrives at Gatwick Airport at 6:30 am. As she remarked “Good thing I’ve got a small bike for negotiating these walkways”. There was a little more stress to be had yesterday, when the important songs refused to transfer to the iPod and the panniers were still to be packed. Eventually everything disappeared into its place and got swallowed up inside the big tartan bag – at least we’ve not found anything she forgot yet.

Bon Voyage Dino. Have a great trip. Bring back lots of photographs and memories (and a small pot of maple butter).

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