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The one and only cycling jersey

March 27th, 2013 | Posted by Dino in Canada | Uncategorized

I’ve not been there, or done it, yet I have purchased the tshirt.

Two months to go and the pieces of my trip are slowly, finally getting together (read: kit is getting packed)

Delightfully my custom made cycling jersey arrived in the post at work today. Too excited by its contents I ripped open the package in front of my colleagues and held it up for all to see: Ta-da!! I expected the ooh and ahh reactions from colleagues usually reserved for New Year firework displays.

First colleagues comments: “only the one?” With a raise of the eyebrow.

Another colleague walks back to her desk. Ta-da!! I raise my jersey aloft like a prize. “You’ve only got one?” She asks.

Yes, that’s right. One tshirt for 7,500km – what on earth is wrong with that? I will, erm, wash it. I will also be cycling by myself so you won’t have to sniff it. At this point, a joke is cracked about me smelling so bad that the bears will leave me be. That could be a good tactic actually but I shall have to Goggle it first.

At the end of work, another colleague wanders over. She works in fulfilment and sometimes cycles to work with me so I imagine she will super impressed by my jersey. Ta-da!!

You know how she responded. Yes, only the one. For 7,500km.

Anyway, Ta-da!! Here is the tshirt. Please feel free to add your firework sound reactions into the comments box…

Jersey back


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